"You know what? The bastard blows me out of the water. This guy writes Maine like Ardai writes New York. If you're not reading him, you don't know what you're missing." --Chris F. Holm, author of "The Collector" series, The Killing Kind, and Red Right Hand.

"A refreshingly new voice in noir." --Ed Kurtz, author of Nothing You Can Do and The Rib From Which I Remake the World.

"A glorious boilermaker of noir and East Coast gothic. The action is taut as a sprung snare and Bagley tightens the screws with every page." -- Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase and Blood Standard.

Monday, February 19, 2018

It's Almost Here!

Bitter Water Blues returns to print in just one month. Monday, March 19 is BWB Day (according to me, anyway). To celebrate, Down & Out Books is offering a couple of deals:

Pre-order the e-book, and get it for just $3.99. The regular price is $7.99.

If you pre-order the paperback ($17.95), you get the e-book free.

This is the DEFINITIVE edition of Bitter Water Blues, with past errors corrected. Don't miss out on the change to get it at a special price.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Though I like the new one best, all three editions of Bitter Water Blues have benefited from having cool covers.

This is the cover of the Snubnose Press e-book, the first time Joey Kotex made it into print. Cover by the mighty Eric Beetner.

Then there was the 280 Steps paperback and e-book.

And, of course...

Sunday, November 5, 2017


I love Peter Muise's New England Folklore blog. Here's a link to his most recent post. If you're into folklore, history, and weirdness, you should pay him a visit.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Here it is: the new cover for the reissue of Bitter Water Blues. My thanks to Eric Campbell and Lance Wright at Down and Out Books for designing such a cool and classic-feeling cover. You can almost smell the bourbon and blood.

Bitter Water Blues returns to print in paperback and e-book editions on March 19, 2018.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hey. How've you been?

Three years since I added anything new to this blog. A lot happened in that seemingly short amount of time.

In January 2015, at a time when I was absolutely out of my head, Bitter Water Blues was published as an e-book by Snubnose Press. It spent more than 22 consecutive weeks on Amazon's "Top 100 Noir Books for Kindle" list, peaking at #13. Not bad. Snubnose was unable to release a paperback, so we parted ways amicably, and I hooked up with another publisher, who shall remain nameless (he's currently serving a lengthy prison sentence, and may he rot there).

My wife and I decided to split up after 25 years of marriage. We divorced last May, but remain close friends. She'll always been an important part of my life. I moved twice. I started putting my head back together. My kids got older. I now have one daughter in her sophomore year of college, and the other is in 8th grade. They both possess writing and artistic talent that makes me proud and envious at the same time. My youngest is also becoming a fine pianist and composer.

In October 2016, 280 Steps published a reprint of Bitter Water Blues in e-book and the first-ever paperback edition. And, in March 2017, 280 Steps went out of business and Bitter Water Blues went out of print, along with their entire catalog.

Now, thanks to the perspicacious bad-asses at Down and Out Books, Bitter Water Blues is coming back in a big way. The paperback and e-book reissue will be released on March 19, 2018. I'm beyond excited about this. Down and Out publishes some of the best crime fiction you'll find anywhere.

Check back here tomorrow (11/02/17) to see the new cover. It's fucking beautiful.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid-Coast Halloween Reading: Jen Blood, Katherine Silva and Patrick Shawn Bagley

This is going to be an excellent reading with two talented writers, plus...um, me! Two out of three ain't bad, and they're not even charging admission. So if you're in the mid-coast Maine area on October 24, I hope to see you there.