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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lunatic Fringe, We All Know You're Out There...

I went into town this morning, which is something I normally try to avoid. But it's a beautiful winter's day and things are looking up. I felt good. So, of course, the first person I encountered was a wingnut. The guy was ahead of me in a store checkout line. He spouted off to the clerk how it was a sad day for America; how Obama would never be HIS president; how he doubted Obama's citizenship; how Obama was going to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel and let Hamas massacre thousands of innocents; and--yes, this one just keeps on going--that Obama is secretly a muslim.

What's my point in telling you this? Simple. The right-wing crazies are still out there, spreading the hate-fueled lies they've picked up from talk radio, Fox News and "newspapers" like the Washington Times. So while we're celebrating Obama's inauguration--and it should be celebrated as a milestone in American history--we would be wise to remember that the war against ignorance, fear and bigotry is not over.
Enjoy today because it is only a lull.
The hard work begins as soon as President Obama takes the Oath of Office.
President Obama...feels damn good to say it.


Randy Johnson said...

You're right. To many wingnuts(great term) out there. We must keep our vigilance up for the difficult tasks ahead of this country and not let such boobs continue to drag us down.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I was driving to the city to pick up Brian yesterday and talk radio just about drove me nuts. (I put up a link to one of the items that was under discussion on my blog today if you really want to test your blood pressure.)

"The war against ignorance, fear and bigotry is not over."

Damn. Sadly true.

JD Rhoades said...

how Obama would never be HIS president;

Remember when the wingnuts cried "traitor!" about anyone who dared say this about Dubbya?

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Yeah, the "America: love it or leave it" choir is singing a different tune now.