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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Stopped by one of the vendor tents to pick up some HP Sauce during my annual pilgrimage to the Maine Highland Games last weekend, and discovered true love.
Smoky bacon crisps.

Where have these fucking things been all my life? You think I’m fat now…if I’d been born in the UK and had ready access to these smoky bacony crispy beauties, I’d make Robbie Coltrane look like Hugh Laurie. My new career goal is to get stinkin’ rich and have them airlifted in.


pattinase (abbott) said...

My favorites are the roast beef ones.
Can't beat Walkers for putting a little meat wherever they can.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

And hey, you can wash it down with this a Bacon Mary.


And have bacon chocolate for dessert.


Bill Cameron said...

For dinner last night, I ate half a pound of bacon and two ears of corn. Mmmm, bacon...

Also, don't forget Bacon Salt!

Chris said...

Holy fucking hell, where can I get me some of those?

And props for the Laurie/Coltrane double reference whammy...

Chris said...

Oh, and it may not be a bacon bloody mary, but Buck's Naked Barbecue in Freeport does a Bloody Buck, garnished with... wait for it... a St. Louis style pork rib. I swear, there ought to be a Nobel Prize for that kind of thinking.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Chris: I bought them from a vendor that specializes in imported British & Scottish food. The chips ain't cheap: $1.50 for a small bag. Even the haggis was $8 a can (assuming you'd want it).

By the way, HP Sauce (pictured above) is great on bacon. Hell, it's great on pretty much anything.

Bill: Because you had corn, it was a balanced meal.

Patti: I heard the roast beef ones are good, but they didn't have any.

Stephen: That's genius in action.